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3 Ways Home Insurance Protects You

Home insurance is something that most people don’t have anything to do with until they buy a home, and suddenly they need to be an expert. What does it cover, what is excused? It’s all so confusing. If you don’t feel like you are an expert and you live near Chapin, SC, PAL Finance Group LLC is there to help you navigate the complicated world of homeownership and home insurance.

Home Structure

Your home policy covers the structure of your home from a variety of hazards, fire, wind, vandalism, ice, lightning strikes, and more. Check your policy for a complete list of covered hazards and also a list of exclusions. The policy also covers attached structures like a garage and unattached structures, such as a shed or casita. Normal wear and tear are not included. 

Personal Belongings

Your personal belongings include everything from your appliances and electronics to your clothing and jewelry. If you have valuable items, they may need an additional rider. Check your policy for limitations of specific categories such as jewelry and art. Your policy will cover your personal property even if you are not at home, and your item is stolen from your car or luggage. 


Liability is an integral part of your insurance coverage. It protects you when someone is injured on your property or by a member of your family, even a pet. Legal fees and judgments can be costly, and if you need it, your home insurance can be a lifesaver in this situation. 

When you want to talk about the home insurance policy that is right for you, give the office of PAL Finance Group LLC in Chapin, SC a call or stop by. You can make an appointment to discuss your needs and get a free no-obligation quote.